6-Port LACP Cacti Template

Or, ‘How to monitor LACP device participation levels’

With our HP 2910al, we have a few streaming machines wired with multiport LACP ethernet bonds. Early on with our LACP setup we realized that we needed to monitor the traffic distribution of the individual members in the trunk. Why?

  • Configuration of LACP, especially with older LInux distributions, can be difficult. Misconfigurations don’t generate errors, etc.
  • Some hardware, bot NIC and switches, do not support the more advanced types LACP.
  • To ensure one member of the trunk was not being maxed. This could hide performance problems from us if our traffic was passing over a port with spare capacity.

To that end we created a template in Cacti. (“We” actually means my colleague Roland did the real work, figuring out how to create custom Cacti graphing templates!) It very clearly shows us the distribution of traffic across all members of the trunk.

Kinda groovy, eh?

Here are the graph template files for Cacti. They were saved from v0.8.8a:

  • cacti_graph_template_interface_-_traffic_-_inbound_6_trunks.xml
  • cacti_graph_template_interface_-_traffic_-_outbound_6_trunks.xml

Bon ap’!