Stack Overflow: Down Votes vs. Up Votes vs. Reputation

Where do the ‘personalities’ and ‘forces’ of Stack Overflow reside in a three dimentional plot of Down Votes, Up Votes and Reputation scores?

My fascination with up and down voting patterns persists.  Below are some statistics and a graph derived from asking the data “How do the top 1000 Stack Overflow users relate to each other with regards to up votes and down votes?”  Some results:

  • Random statistics on all users (not top 1000)
    • Only 278 of SOpedians have voted down more than 100 times
    • A puny 121 have down voted more than up voted
    • A mere 11 have down voted more than 500 times
  • Mr. Down Voter: Rich B  (.52 Up votes for every down vote)
    • 1796 Down
    • 932 Up
  • Mr. Up Voter: JB King (298 Up vs. Down)
    • 15 Down
    • 4474 Up
  • Mr. Even Handed: (There are two)
    • First Place: : Neil Butterworth (1.00!)
      • 838 Down
      • 837 Up
    • Second place: Andrew Grant (1.00!)
      • 498 Down
      • 500 Up
  • Other Personalities
    • Jeff Atwood: 4.09 Up versus Down
    • Joel Spolsky: 4.84
    • Jon Skeet: 21.0
    • Stu Thompson (me!): 2.08

Larger Image

Notes on the above graph:

  • The x-axis is Down Votes,
  • the y-axis is Up Votes, and
  • the z-axis (bubble size) is Reputation Score
  • The x-axis and y-axis are not proportional, meaning if one were to draw a line from the orgin at a 45° angle, that line would not represent a 1:1 x:y relationship

Impressions and Analysis:

  • By and large, the Top 10 SOpedians are more likely to vote up than top 1000
  • By and large, everybody in the top 1000 is more likely to vote up than down
  • Joel Spolsky doesn’t vote so much, relative to Jeff Atwood–they are the public faces of stackoverflow